CouchSurfing is no longer a non-profit organization

CouchSurfing, a symbol of solidarity site, a place where travelers could find shelter young free, has fallen into the hands of venture capitalist and lifted the protest of their regulars, millions of people in 246 countries.

The site was created in San Francisco in 2003 by Casey Fenton, among others.At that time it has been established in 25 countries, according to the Alexa index, the page is ranked 1,700 per traffic on the Internet.

The idea of ​​asking for free hosting ocurrióa Casey Fenton was in 1999 when he wanted to travel to Iceland and sent over 1,500 emails to the university in the country. 50 They answered affirmatively. On his return to Boston, Fenton began to mature the idea. Fenton, even today, boasts of having answered all these years CouchSurfers. His mission in life is “connecting people around the world.” True, said nothing of gratitude.

CouchSurfing last week officially ceased to be a non-profit, while announcing firms and Omidyar Network Benchmark 7.6 million injected into society. He also said that it would begin an “aggressive hiring plan.”

Only in the last week 44,801 CouchSurfers around the world have known personally and “have fun experiences, adventures and enjoyed the hospitality,” as stated in the page in its Spanish edition.

CouchSurfing is an online entertainment service. By registering, members can locate other people who live in the web site to be visited and offered accommodation, even a free couch to sleep.

Participation is free but accepts donations page. Therefore, knowing the entry of financial capital in society, has organized a protest group. On its website, supported so far by 1405, remember that apart from donations, the source code was written by volunteers and can not sell a database in which its members did not know they would fall into the hands of third parties.

On day 28 a couchsufero pissed, Daniel Malafai, Casey managed to speak to Skype. Malafai explains that in that conversation, Casey told him the problem was the registration of the society. The authorities did not allow him to remain “non-profit” and therefore was forced to change the social order of society. And while the country changed its registered office, the state of New Hampshire charges a million dollars for change. Donations do not come to that and Casey acknowledged that CouchSurfing need more programmers to put the page up to date. Only five people work in the code and $ 25,000, the fifth of what is charged in Silicon Valley. The growth of the site requires a minimum of 15 programmers working 40 hours a week, 10 times more than the actual.

The identity of the investors has contributed something to calm tempers: Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, and has since retired from business, is a philanthropist, behind Matt Cohler of Benchmark is one of the first five employees on Facebook and vice president before Linkedin.

The average age is 28 years couchsurferos. The first language is English, with 74%, followed by French with 20% and Spanish with 17%. Most registered users reside in the United States, Germany, France or England, although the city is the most attended Paris.

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Google expande su territorio

Esta claro que desde que Google entre el internet, éste ha cambiado, pasando del 1.0 al 2.0 y próximamente al 3.0.  Ahora Google con su “Google Offers” quiere dar un paso mas, y ademas de ser el rey en busquedas generales, quiere adentrarse como visión de futuro en las conversiones de éstas busquedas. Es sabido que google no quiere quedarse en ser el portero del supermercadoo, sino que ahora quiere entrar con su cliente y realizar la conversion total, esto ara que sites como Groupalia, Privalia, sites de venta de tickets de vuelos, hoteles, empiecen a pensar que Google es un monstruo y que esta haciendo betas de momento en USA para en un futuro próximo adentrarse y hacerse con más poder.
Creo que a Google le interesa unicamente el SEM y con su estrategia quiere ir eliminando competencia en SEO.

How I can avoid the Sandbox effect?

A special filter is implemented by Google in its algorithm to prevent the newly created websites quickly obtain high rankings for your keywords, even if they are optimized for these keywords and get many links. With this, we try to prevent spammers get trick the search engine positioning techniques different pages unethical.

Google estimates that few sites can get naturally a large number of links in the first weeks of life, and are therefore excluded from the top. Many webmasters with a good PageRank on their pages created new web sites in minutes, inserted hundreds of links to them, and managed to position them within weeks.Many of them contain useful information for the user, but also created lots was unethical purposes, and thus Google considered necessary a trial period to see if they could get more links in a “natural”.

Sometimes, the newly created websites fail to reach the top positions in Google results for a particular search, but a few weeks away until even beyond position 500.

When did the Sandbox effect?

The filter started to be implemented in March 2004, and even suspected that websites created before that date are “immune” to this filter.

How I can avoid the Sandbox effect?

Only a matter of time re-appear within the first results, if your website is really optimized. The average time to return the Sandbox effect is 3-4 months, but there are some sites that get it in just one month, and seven, depending always on the competitiveness of search terms (longer if larger).

Sandbox while in effect on your site, you keep adding content to it and trying to get links “natural” from different websites, especially toward pages with new content instead of toward the principal. This will enable the further success of your work.

Top 10 Twitter tools used by the experts

One of the most important things in social media are the tools we use to track all the conversations that take place in social networks. It is important to measure and observe the results of each and every one of our social media efforts. To be aware of everything that happens in our actions and with the competition we need good tools.

Currently there are many tools that offer similar services Twitter, but how do you know which ones are best? Kissmetrics A list of 10 Twitter tools that use social media experts.

These are the 10 Twitter tools used by the experts. what we know as a major shortening of URLs. But when regsitrado user can access many more benefits, such as statistics for each post we publish and shortened with this tool
Buffer: allows you to organize and schedule your tweets. You can also access statistics and analysis to help you determine what is of most interest to your followers
CoTweet: it is a marketing tool used by companies frecuentemete that attempt to analyze their actions, monitor and measure the participation of people
HootSuite: One of the most comprehensive tools to handle different Twitter accounts. If you drive less than five profiles can use the free version. the application that allows you to make a publication, manual or automatic the most interesting things that occur daily in your Twitter timeline.
SocialOomph: free service that lets you track keywords and track statistics.
Triberr: works by invitation only. Being inside all you have to do is connect your RSS Feed to your tribe members begin retweeted your content.
TweetDeck: This is a desktop application, ideal for monitoring all activity on your account. The organization works well for columns to be aware of everything that happens in the world 2.0
Twitterfeed: allows you to add your RSS and others to directly share the news on Twitter, Facebook or other social network.
Visibli: is a free service that lets you completely customize access. It may appear your name and shortcuts to other social networks. You can manage your favorite web pages and include social buttons Facebook and Twitter to update your status directly.
Here you can see the original post for more widely Kissmetrics each of these services.

It is a social manager?

Today no one argues that social media is here to stay, unlike today are on the side of the clear markings needs to start to develop in these new media, began to understand this because that part of its strategy must necessarily pass by these “new forms of communication” but for that we are more immersed in the subject and we do not look “new” to them clearly are, that’s why I find extremely important in any organization to have an active role take the responsibility to take the brand to develop a solid social media strategy.

Just a few weeks ago I was in a meeting with a friend where we discussed a little what was the role of a social media manager skills and should have to fill that role, and that talk was the starting point of this post where I want them to reflect would be the qualities and strengths that should be the pillars of a Social Media Manager (SMM).

What is a Social Media Manager?

According to the Wiki of the guys socialmediaclub a SMM is one that is not only an expert in all new media. Not only is he having fun using social media. It is he who has the ability to give the media a business approach, furthering the objectives of the company and create a community around the purposes of each company. It is he who finds common points of interest and convert into goals. Is not to fight with the leader of the company. Is to support these leaders to promote sleep and company goals.

Among its qualities can rescue

Must be a person with extensive knowledge of network technology. A Native, with a fluid and natural development within the social media environment.
High analytical ability with knowledge of metrics and Social Media and Web but also of key performance indicators that allow you to display results and strategies to others in the chain of command of the company.
A high capacity todólogo approach.
Must have extensive knowledge of the company and its products / services.
Leadership, project management, ability to lead and coordinate your team.
Knowledge of tools to monitor and measure results on the net including: Radian6, Google Analytics.
His negotiating skills, diplomacy and reconciliation are essential. The Social Media Director will face, especially these early years, the challenge of opening your business to the world of web. Mainly in Latin America will meet with high resistance of the senior management and employees may own, of openness and connection to the network due to fears of inefficiency, security, etc.. This role will be responsible for spearheading the effort and convince.
To the extent that relationships are always personal social media, the GDF should have a high emotional intelligence quotient, as it connects to the brand or product your business users to a supra-rational level.
Its functions

Be the spearhead of social organization and implementing the means to ensure unity and integration of social networking activity and focus of the organization.
Participate in the community, monitor behaviors to capture data and, in partnership with market research, interpret the effectiveness of existing tactics.
Extensive market research and ongoing social networking and virtual community trends, behavior, products and sites.
Direct the evaluation and proper application of social networking / community tools for the corporation.
Define workflows and tactics appropriate and effective.
Serve as resident expert and liaison with other divisions to assist in the use of these media appropriately and effectively.
Ideally communications through social media should be decentralized throughout the organizational structure, so that SMM could serve as a coach of all members of the organization who are involved in Social Media.
His role in the strategy

Social media or social media can be used by virtually anyone, but the Social Media Director from its use can design a communication strategy. The strategy should be based on the answer: what is useful for my business? What I seek to use these resources? (Example: Looking for more users on my site? Looking to increase sales? Seek better customer service?, Etc.). Note that there is no single correct strategy for this media, simply finding appropriate ways to each company. Experiment and change. Do not forget that despite being massive numbers of people they have access to it, communication is personal and less formal. We must start to give customers a reason worth working.

In addition, the Social Media Manager understands that being part of a company that matters is profit. So I know make social media work in a profitable investment for the company.

This is why the Social Media Manager team is in constant contact with the team of Marketing, Public Relations, Sales, Content, and the CEO of the company.

Social Media Manager is the one who designs the company’s image on the Internet, who raised the new media strategy. Is an entrepreneur, manager, innovator … is the great and experienced. It is able to turn something as massive social and a business opportunity. What happens to numbers and profits. Offers something new.

Now all the qualities and functions are valid, but that inherent characteristics of the position must have a Social Media Manager?

Must be passionate about making

The most important feature on any work that people face is passion. If you’re passionate easily develop many of the other features as detailed below, as well as learning skills. This is one of the most difficult to counterfeit. There are several reasons why the passion is most important. First is an all-consuming work, so if you do not really love him with every fiber of your being you’re running half way, and secondly, people can say that’s not important, but if you’re in the first line of the evangelization of your company must necessarily gather sufficient credibility in the market and possess the skills required to meet the task. So if you’re passionate, committed and knowledgeable, will not have problems to influence others, not “sell”.

Being a natural evangelist

Following the same line of thought (Pasion, credibility, knowledge) have to keep in mind that the Social Media Manager will be the evangelist inside and outside your company, and as this role is to represent your company and its products should ensure that lines of thought, value systems and your voice are consistent with the brand it represents.

Thirst for Knowledge

The areas in social media are growing at a dizzying level, every day comes out a new product, a new social network, social media manager must be at the forefront of these new technologies, but also must have enough lucidity to knowthat is a real trend and what is a passing cloud that was over 3 months evaporate.

Risk tolerance and responsiveness

As I said before our market mutates rapidly, which is why the concept of social media requires a high level of reaction mix and give power back, commitment is essential when facing a social strategy and keep them long enough to assess their success or failure, if however it is also very important to be flexible and agile to changing paradigms, the social media manager should feel comfortable with constant change and act accordingly.

Fighting on two fronts, their audiences and the company

Social Media Manager is in a unique position to be an advocate for both the company / brand and the community. Although some may think that the two competing objectives in reality do not. When SMM is a community advocate, helps the company’s products to improve design and services. Therefore, it is able to evangelize on behalf of the company more natural. Providing an excellent customer experience and customizable happy customer advance the promotion, loyalty and revenue, and in turn make your company happy.


They should hire a Social Media Manager with the expectation that the person establish a comprehensive strategy, ensuring that things are done well, and people within the company are working together as a well oiled machine.Strategic thinking coupled with a willingness to roll up your sleeves and run is a must for this position.


Especially if this position is new to the company, and because many of the social efforts are still in uncharted territory, this person can not wait for instructions from their superiors. Often, the directions of his superiors are not entirely clear ignorance of these new realities. Lead change, being able to build something from nothing, to establish and implement the strategy sometimes be the face of internal skepticism are not easy tasks. Although it is important to you to have freedom of action, management has to be consistent with the overall business strategy.

Tolerance to what they say

The SMM has to be open to feedback and willing to listen to the unpleasant.Remember that many times, this person will have a unique insight into the community from the point of view, and you should listen and learn from these comments, even negative. The transparency of social media provides a proverbial mirror to the face and exposes more flaws in the organization of what might come to light. And that’s fine. However, NO can not make changes based on what you learn

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